chicken sausage & veggies!

quick & easy dinner idea!

last night, I opened my fridge & pantry & was having one of those moments where I was like “crap, there is a TON of food in here & it’s all going to go bad if I don’t start using it!” I am NOT the most creative person in the kitchen, so I was super pleased when this came out tasting really flavorful & great! I also love that it is totally customizable to whatever YOU have in YOUR fridge! you could swap out the meat & the veggies for other sources, but use this as just general inspiration! 

here’s what I made last night! 

-chicken sausage links
-chopped red pepper
-chopped onion
-black olives

first, I cooked the quinoa (I feel like this is a DUH thing to say, but I’m that person that reads recipes & I’m like wait.. should I cook the quinoa first? or liiiike….) I actually decided to keep the quinoa separate because I could use it all week in other dishes, as well! 

I cooked the chicken sausage on a skillet because it was raining, normally I love throwing it on the grill! 

I always prep my veggies in advance! so, I already had a whole onion and a whole red bell pepper chopped up (I highly suggest you get a ninja veggie chopper! it makes meal prepping a BREEZE!) 

& then all I did was sauté the onion, pepper, & black olives in a pan with a tiny bit of EVOO. when the chicken sausage was done, I added it to the veggies & kind of let it cook all together & then served that little medley over quinoa! 

I added some feta, a TINY BIT of salt, and DONE! it was so flavorful & today for lunch, I had a couple whole wheat tortilla chips with it also! 

quick & easy dinner for the whole week! this made enough for me to have at least 4-5 meals worth in the fridge for the lunches & dinners! I will definitely be keeping this one in the weekly meal prep rotation! 

let me know what you think! 


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