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Wanna Play a Game?

JULY IS A MONTH FULL OF FUN AND GAMES!  You don't only get me this month-- you get these ladies, too!  Have you been thinking about joining a challenge group because you've seen me going on and on about motivation, accountability, clean eating tips & tricks? July is absolutely the month to do this, for a few reasons. But, if you're like me & you love games, this is your month! First, I'm sure you're asking yourself, "What is a challenge group? What do I have to do?"  I have TWO challenge groups coming up this month which I'm super pumped about because my challenge groups right now have kicked off to an amazing start with great accountability & really positive people! The first date is JULY 14TH & this will be a general, 30 challenge group. What is a general 30 day challenge group? It's a group where you can be participating in ANY Beachbody program & nutrition. This group will last 30 days & during that time, every