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NOW ENROLLING: 5/22 "Sweet Revenge" Accountability Group!

It's 3pm and it hits you. The cravings. You start digging through your desk drawer for a Hersey Kiss or twizzler. Just one little piece of candy won't hurt! It won't derail you from your goals!  TRUE. But, when we consistently reach for the candy stash every day, well, those decisions compound, my friend. And little by little, your pants are too tight, the scale keeps tipping upward, you get more and more tired, and all the hard work you put in at the gym seems to be for nothing.  Does this sound like you? It sure as heck sounds like me! My team and I have come up with the theme for our next Challenge Group starting prep week on Monday, May 22nd: SWEET REVENGE. Take control of your cravings, for good. Lose the weight that has been hanging on for far too long. Get SWEET REVENGE on your cravings and those people who said you couldn't or wouldn't ever do it.  Sounds great, but what in the actual heck is a Challenge Group?! Simple. It's a health a