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21 day fix, comin' at ya!

Hey there!  So this blog is all about the 21 Day Fix & the 21 Day Fix EXTREME-- because it's the hot topic of conversation these days & I'm truly excited for this group to get underway!  What is the difference between the two? 21 Day Fix: -for all levels of fitness. There is a great modifier you can follow if you are just starting out! -the meal plan allows for a little more wiggle room (like wine!) but really teaches you the concept of clean eating, portion control, & making sure you get the right amounts of different kids of foods each day! 21 Day Fix EXTREME: -for the more ADVANCED in fitness-- all workouts include weights & a modifier -stricter meal plan (but, you can always use the original meal plan & kick up your workouts!) -In listening to Autumn talk about this program, she explained that the workouts aren't just kicked up one notch, but more like 7. I got to preview two of the workouts, and I would definitely agree! I will be runn

Autumn's got a new set of.... MOVES!

OK, so if you know anything about the 21 day fix, you know it comes with these itty bitty containers. Ones that I would totally have kept my Barbie shoes & clothes in, or maybe even my American Girl Doll, Felicity's accessories. (Instead, I kept all that stuff in old cigar boxes of my Dad's... they're still in there.. yes, all Felicity's belongings smell like an old man... I digress...) & if you're like me, you're all like "NO. WAY." There is no way I can eat from those containers and get enough food... it's just not possible. My excuse for never following the fix the whole way through is that I eat clean & I'm super active, so WHY limit myself to some stupid containers. I know what I'm doing.. psssh... Autumn who? Truth. I'M TERRIFIED I'M GOING TO FAIL. What if I'm terrible at figuring out a meal plan for the 21 day fix? What if I mess it all up and lead my challengers in the wrong direction? WHAT IF I LIKE IT?

The Friday Carl came & coaches took over your timeline.

If you're alive and have a Facebook, I'm sure you were aware that in Pittsburgh, this weekend was a huge deal for individuals involved in this thing called.. Beachbody. It surely was a weekend I will not likely forget.  How big is Dave's smile? fun at Mel's party! On Friday, the CEO of the company, Carl Daikler, & 21 Day Fix creator, Autumn Calabrese came to represent corporate to honor top coach of 2014, Melanie Mitro. The event was huge-- 1,000 people all there for the same reasons, with different stories, with different journeys. We got to hear 3 amazing transformation stories that were the biggest reminder of why I should never take a day for granted.  We got to workout with Autumn live! She gave us a little sneak peek at what 21 Day Fix EXTREME will be like coming out February 2nd! We did a "shakeology toast" & while the theme was a "white out" the KNOCKOUT BRIGADE rocked our purple for our fearless leader, Katy Ursta. 

Success looks a lot like Accountability

Keeping Dave accountable to getting that shake in! It's Monday. It's snowing. It's freezing outside. I took Marley outside & the wind actually hurt my bones.... the ONLY thing on my mind is snuggling up with a cup of dark chocolate raspberry coffee & watching Netflix for the next 12 hours. But, this is the real world I live in, and that is definitely not an option. I check my phone and I have 14 notifications.... 10 of them are from challengers checking into challenge groups informing me that, before I even rolled over in bed this morning, they already got their workout in. Something in me shifts & the next thing I know, I'm chugging some E&E and down to the gym I'm headed to get my 30 minutes of total ME time, a good sweat going, & building the foundation for a healthy, happy, and strong year. (the other 4 notifications are of adorable pictures of dogs making some little boy named Anthony's battle with leukemia a little bit easier....