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How to: Eat HEALTHY without DEPRIVATION.

We seriously have ALL BEEN THERE. If anyone reading this has ever NOT felt totally deprived when trying to live a healthier lifestyle, than I applaud you! I seriously cannot believe it took me SO LONG to learn the following concepts, but once I grasped them and understood WHY, the HOW became so much clearer. In a nutshell, I am someone who really cannot deprive myself of the things I want. If I feel I am following some sort of "set of rules" I will find myself spiraling down the rabbit hole of no return. I think this stems from my career in dance where the goal was always to stay "aesthetically pleasing" no matter what the cost. I followed so many rules about food so I wouldn't gain any weight that when my performing career was over, things got a little wild. I strive to never use the word diet. For me, that word has a negative connotation. One that involves strict rules, failure after failure, starvation, blandness, and mental health issues. Instead, I try


The secret is out.  You don't have to spend countless hours at the gym to get healthy + fit.  My favorite thing people say to me is... "Wow, you're busy!" YES, I am. I CHOOSE to be. Which means I have to FIND AND MAKE time to take care of my body + mind. I have to make time for ME so I can STAY BUSY. Which lead me to the idea for my next ACCOUNTABILITY GROUP. BUSY CHICKS GET FIT 30 minute (OR LESS) workouts you will stream from any device ANYWHERE! Stuck at work late? Press play on your phone while you wait for that last phone call. Kids have dance class? Press play in the parking lot while you wait. Seriously. No excuses! QUICK + EASY MEAL PLANS + ON THE GO SNACKS! PODCAST + Audio books to keep your head straight when you're bouncing from one place to the next. daily "on the go" shake that will help you get in all your vitamins/nutrients so you can avoid the fast food and multiple Starbucks trips AND SA

What's Up with this Trip to London?

The wait is over.   So many people have been curious…. “Tay, HOW did you get to go to London for work?”   This past week, Team Beachbody officially launched in the U.K. and I had the amazing opportunity to travel across the pond to welcome new Coaches into the company, lead a training for new Coaches within our organization, teach PiYo Live in Hyde park, attend the corporate launch event, and spend time with my friends who have become family.   Before I talk about the opportunity of traveling to London for this amazing occasion, I have to take a step back and remember how this all started... I was just a girl miserable in my own skin. I would step on the scale and cringe. How did I let this happen? I hated going to the gym because I didn't know what to do there. I was embarrassed I let it get that far. I was my heaviest on my wedding day and even though I felt beautiful that day, I definitely didn't feel my best.  I became curious about these at home