What's Up with this Trip to London?

The wait is over. 

So many people have been curious….

“Tay, HOW did you get to go to London for work?” 

This past week, Team Beachbody officially launched in the U.K. and I had the amazing opportunity to travel across the pond to welcome new Coaches into the company, lead a training for new Coaches within our organization, teach PiYo Live in Hyde park, attend the corporate launch event, and spend time with my friends who have become family. 

Before I talk about the opportunity of traveling to London for this amazing occasion, I have to take a step back and remember how this all started...

I was just a girl miserable in my own skin. I would step on the scale and cringe. How did I let this happen? I hated going to the gym because I didn't know what to do there. I was embarrassed I let it get that far. I was my heaviest on my wedding day and even though I felt beautiful that day, I definitely didn't feel my best. 

I became curious about these at home workouts and decided to give it a try. It didn't work until I allowed my Coach to help hold me accountable within a Challenge Group. I learned how to meal plan and prep, I learned how to fit in a 30 minute workout within my super busy schedule, I implemented Shakeology into my lifestyle to take the guess work out of ONE meal a day.... and I just decided to pay that all forward and help others do the same. 

When I was first asked to make this trip, I was beyond doubtful I deserved it. I’m just me. There is nothing special or unique about the way I run my business compared to any other Coach, so why should I deserve to go?

But, you see… this year has been full of AMAZING growth. We are the number ONE team in the  ENTIRE NETWORK for three PLUS years in a row. My team of Coaches and Challengers has grown IMMENSELY this year thanks to all of YOU supporting, making changes, growing, and trusting me to guide you when this year could have gone completely WRONG for my business. I am so forever grateful. It continuously brings me to tears when I think about the amazing ways God has blessed us in our times of struggle and loss.

So, yes. I am worthy of good things. I am worthy of fulfilling my dreams. I am worthy of everything because I work hard. Why not me?


On Wednesday when we arrived in London, we had some of our only down time and decided to venture over to Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, the Marble Arch, and do some sight seeing. We wrapped up the night by heading out to a champagne bar on the 42nd floor of a hotel called Vertigo 42 where we celebrated not only our success as a team, but our teammate, Alyssa’s 40th birthday! 

Thursday, we headed to Abbey Road to *try* to recreate the famous Beatles album cover! It was so much fun being silly and care free with friends, but of course, we were there to work. Thursday night, we did a live call for our U.K. friends welcoming them to the team and sharing with them what they can expect from us as their leaders as far as support, growth, training, and culture go! 

Friday morning, we started our day by heading over to Hyde Park for our workouts. Certified instructors, Tasia Verno and Farin Dorin lead Core de Force and I followed up with PiYo. What an amazing experience to be able to teach with Hyde Park as your “classroom”. I will always remember that experience and everything that lead up to that accomplishment. 

Friday evening was our BIG NEW U.K. COACH TRAINING + MEET AND GREET! How AMAZING was it to see the room full of amazing NEW Coaches eager to learn and rock their businesses!? The energy in the room was simply incredible and reminded me how I felt when I first got started and reinvigorated my energy for Coaching. Our training ended on a high note when CEO’s Carl Daikler and Jon Congdon joined us to share their excitement for the business launching in new countries and what it took for them to get us all to this point. 

Saturday kicked off with the official Team Beachbody Corporate launch where our U.K. team members got to experience the thrill and excitement of everything that goes into company events. We ended the evening with a team dinner in Leicester Square. 

What a whirlwind trip! I am currently typing this as I sit on the plane and can’t believe it’s over, but also can’t believe it even happened! I am so motivated to get home and help even MORE people, expand my reach FARTHER, teach women that they are STRONG and can DO HARD THINGS, grow our team, and lead a life I’ve designed. 

Next week, we will be doing our NEW COACH WELCOME CALL followed by our NEW COACH TRAINING kicking off on October 30th. This is truly a ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity as so many AMAZING leaders from the Dream Team United are helping to train ALL of our new Coaches. 

If you are ready to chase that little glimmer of curiosity you have about making some changes in your life that include getting in the best shape of your life while earning an income helping others do the same,  now is the time. 

I am accepting Coaches in the U.K., Canada, and the U.S. 

Please fill out the form below and I will be in touch with you on how you can get started making the change. 

All my joy, 

Coach Tay 
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