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Sweating for Something Bigger: What does that even mean?

It’s been brought to my attention that in order for a blog to work, you have to actually write blog posts. (I can’t wait for the day where technology can just pull the thoughts from my brain and create them into articles of value for people reading them- seriously- I will be so successful when that happens!) I think I struggle with coming up with content because I spend too much time reading the blogs of other coaches and comparing myself to them- I’m not good in the kitchen, I’m not very self-motivated when it comes to working out, & I do not have my crap together in the least. (Except today… cleaning lady came today. I think I can now run the country- how does a clean house make me feel that much better?!) So, I got to thinking about what I am good at sharing. And I thought… why don’t I just blog about that? duh! I’m passionate about dancing, fundraising, LLS, sweating for something bigger- start there!  Sweating for something bigger. You’ve seen me talk about it a l

Aligning Your Actions with Your Goals- can you afford it?

Shakeology. I’m sure you’ve seen it all over Facebook… everyone who drinks this Shakeology crap loves it so much that they post selfies kissing it, hugging it, telling you why YOU NEED to drink it, too… & I’ll be honest, before actually consuming it myself, any time I would see one of these selfies I would give a big fat eye roll and scroll for the “unfollow” button.  But, then, one late March night, I hit my lowest point. I was sitting in our living room eating a Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich and looked down and thought…. what am I doing?! My husband is type 1 diabetic… & here I am KILLING him by serving him fast food for dinner. Literally, I’m slowly killing my husband. I can’t do this anymore. I quietly snuck upstairs & got out my iPad and ordered T25. There was something called a “challenge pack promotion” where it bundled a month supply of this Shakeology stuff that everyone is always making out with on social media, so I thought, WHAT THE HECK… I’LL