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Friday Baby Faves!

 I'm listing my most FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION: What are your favorite baby items?! I will update this list every Friday with one thing we loved when she was newborn, one thing I use all the time now, and one of Daddy's faves!  1. Snoo Bassinet. This was literally the best purchase and well worth the money for us. You can also rent the snoo to save money, especially if you want to try it out first and see if your babe likes it or you know you won't be having any more kids. 2. North States Play yard . We love this thing so much, we bought a second. It's big enough for her to crawl around and play, watch tv, lounge, etc. We also have the one downstairs set up as a gate blocking her off from the tv stand. 3. Boppy Nursing Pillow (more for lounging, I prefered the My Breast Friend pillow for nursing! see my nursing faves list  here ) 4. Zippadee Zip Sleep Sack  we u