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What happens when you hold your breath?

Unfortunately, this post today doesn’t come from a place of positivity. Today was a really bad day… but, I know I need to continue to share the bad along with the good to keep consistent with my own goals & for me to grow, heal, grieve. I know people need to see this, I know they need to hear this… so here it goes. I’m never quite sure what triggers it, or what makes it “start” per say… I don’t even think I know that it’s “one of those days” when I wake up or anything like that. But, sometimes, as hours progress, I dig myself into a hole that I can’t get myself out of.  I kept myself really busy yesterday. I got home & was exhausted, so I started watching “Forrest Gump” because it’s one of those movies that just kind of make me feel “normal” like it’s a regular night on a regular day in the life of me. I would watch this movie countless times with my brother & sister growing up, so it’s all part of the “routine”.  I couldn’t sleep last night, but I still got up

Fresh Qunioa Salad!

Okay, this one is one of my favorites and go to salads at least a couple days a week! It’s funny, because the initial base recipe for this came out of the 3-Day-Refresh program when I was doing the cleanse the first time- & I loved it so much & couldn't wait to experiment with it and make it a staple in my weekly meal planning!  Ingredients: Quinoa, cooked Cherry Tomatoes Cucumber Feta Cheese Grilled chicken (I grill a ton on Sundays to have for salads like this throughout the week!) 4-5 Fresh Basil leaves (I also have an organic Basil plant that lives on my kitchen windowsill that I bought at the grocery store! I just snip off as many leaves as I need for recipes and add!)  1 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1/2 lemon 1tbsp apple cider vinegar 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar  Organic Basil & Mint plants!  Here’s how simple this is…. Take all the ingredients and mix them together! You can make this as a big salad and eat throughout the week (m

Do you wish these coaches would just STOP on your newsfeed already?

I’ve been given the opportunity today to let you in on a few things, but first, I have to admit.. the ONE thing I am terrible about doing is sharing what I do as a Beachbody Coach or how this opportunity could benefit YOU.  I guess it’s just not in my nature to think someone else might be interested? But, today, I took a complete step back and thought…. I am doing EVERYONE a disservice by NOT showing them this opportunity… So who am I? How did I get here? What’s MY story? Here’s the quick version….. I’m 27. I’m a dancer. I’m a wife. I’m a Mom to a fur-baby. I’m a philanthropist. I try to find a different definition for JOY every single day.  How did I get here? I was miserable, quite literally, & I was seeking company. I gained about 30lbs in a years time & I had no clue how… I couldn’t quite figure out how to find ME in this person I was looking at in the mirror. I pretended to not care, but there were days where I would just lay in bed & not rea

Hard Work Beats Talent- Father's Day Edition

On this Father’s Day, instead the typical “I love my Dad!” Facebook post.. I decided to dedicate a whole blog post! This week, my Dad re-taught me a lesson that he’s been teaching me my whole life. But, I witnessed him teaching it to a ton of other people, too, & it really made me stop, take a look around, & see those lessons a little differently.  My dad is a cyclist- a cycling ENTHUSIAST. He runs a team of cyclists, he races 1-4 times  week, he has as many leotards as I do (& he takes way better care of his, they’re always hanging on hangers and such, haha!), he shaves his legs, his head, & this past week he waxed his back for cycling sake. Oh, and he bought a giant van he can fit all his cycling buddies in and he has a trailer that they tow their bikes to and from far away races… because my dad believes in team culture. Let me start off by saying, the majority of these guys he hangs out and rides bikes with are my age. 20- late 30’s- MAYBE EARLY 40's-

YES means NO.

Writing about this has to be one of the ultimate most nerve wracking posts I’m about to do…. (except for my first transformation pic & that’s not even remotely a big deal to me anymore)… but, my goal is always just to try to inspire ONE person when I share these little pieces of myself. If I can just help one person, then I can go to bed knowing that I have “won the day”.  So, here goes.  I’m am a YES sayer. I say YES to everything. I never want people to feel alone (because I have felt alone) & I never want people to feel helpless (because I have felt helpless). If you asked me to come chop down a 600 foot tree in your back yard because you just really needed help, I would most likely say yes. Even though I have zero talents or abilities in that area, I just would feel obligated to say yes and then before you know it, I’d be donning plaid and overalls and starting up a chain saw… (that’s what you wear when you chop down a tree, right?)  OK, that’s not the scary pa

Chocolate Mug Cake!

Alright, well, by popular demand! Here is my most recipe for Chocolate mug cake!  I was thoroughly craving something sweet (you know how that just sneaks up on you and you can’t get it out of your head…) but with the indulgences of this past weekend, I had to be a little more particular about what I was choosing for “dessert” tonight.. so, I turned to Pinterest & a recipe shared by my cousin’s wife for a CHOCOLATE SHAKEOLOGY MUG CAKE! & of course, I added peanut butter… because, well, why not? Here’s the recipe!  In a mug, mix these ingredients: DRY INGREDIENTS: 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder (I use Shakeology for it’s superfoods and superpowers) 1/4 tsp baking soda 1 tbsp cocoa powder (if you need that extra chocolatey touch)  dash of salt  —mix them up well!  WET INGREDIENTS: 1 egg 4 tablespoons of your milk of choice (I used unsweetened almond milk)  mix the dry & wet ingredients together well. Doesn't look that gre


Hey there!  I just HAD to reach out to all of you because I just got word that there is a BIG SUMMER BLOWOUT happening with Team Beachbody! Word on the street it stat some of your favorite programs that you may have had your eyes on will be up to 85% off! YIKES! These sales typically have limited quantities of products and the trend is that they SELL OUT!  For STARTERS, & the best sale, in my opinion because of what you’re getting for your money, is the 21 Day Fix/Shakeology bundle they have going on! You get a 30 day supply of Shakeology at it’s regular price—BUT! you add the 21 Day Fix OR Fix Extreme program for only $10 more! Shakeology is absolutely a GAME CHANGER as far as your health goes- we swear by it in our house for it’s health benefits & with my husband being type 1 diabetic, it has helped control his sugar levels & helps him get his greens in that he so despises (without him even knowing it!)  Challenge Packs & the use of Shakeology also allow

Turbofire Chili!

Turbofire Chili! Alright, guys… I HATE CHILI…  Want to know why? Because my Mom hates chili. Seriously, I never even ever had chili until 2 months ago when I decided to try this recipe! & I absolutely love this! It’s really filling, it’s clean, & it’s a crockpot dinner… I throw everything in and BAM! Dinners & lunches for the week!  Here’s the recipe! Ingredients:  1lb. lean ground turkey meat 1/2 cup of diced tomatoes 8 ounces of corn (I used a can)  1/2 onion, diced (ninja chopper helps with the tears!) 2 cloves of garlic (I use more… I’m Italian…)  1 tbsp tomato paste 1 package of chili seasoning (look for low or no sodium like Mrs. Dash or Lawry’s)  ***8 ounces of black beans ***8 ounces of kidney beans  ***I DO NOT MAKE THIS WITH THE BEANS! IT’S A TEXTURE THING, I DON’T LIKE IT! NO BEANS FOR US, BUT FEEL FREE TO ADD THEM IN YOURS!  4 ounces low fat shredded cheese (optional added at the end) 1 tsp of plain Greek yogurt (also o