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Friday Baby Faves!

 I'm listing my most FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION: What are your favorite baby items?! I will update this list every Friday with one thing we loved when she was newborn, one thing I use all the time now, and one of Daddy's faves!  1. Snoo Bassinet. This was literally the best purchase and well worth the money for us. You can also rent the snoo to save money, especially if you want to try it out first and see if your babe likes it or you know you won't be having any more kids. 2. North States Play yard . We love this thing so much, we bought a second. It's big enough for her to crawl around and play, watch tv, lounge, etc. We also have the one downstairs set up as a gate blocking her off from the tv stand. 3. Boppy Nursing Pillow (more for lounging, I prefered the My Breast Friend pillow for nursing! see my nursing faves list  here ) 4. Zippadee Zip Sleep Sack  we u

From the Grieving Mama: Throw an Extra Candle on the Quarantine Birthday Cake

I was rocking my 4 month old and scrolling Facebook when I saw the post that made me react in a way that I wasn’t proud of.  A Mom posting her sentiments of disappointment and sadness that her daughter wouldn’t get a 5th birthday party this year with friends.  Just a simple post. Just a Mom expressing her sadness for her child. Just a Mom sharing her disappointments about what wouldn’t be.  Have you ever done that? Have you ever found  yourself reading something completely innocent, but reacting in a way that rumbled up your soul a little bit? I caught myself amidst an eye roll and I muttered, “whatever” under my breath before I can even comprehend my reaction. Why did that annoy me? Of course it’s sad that we’re canceling all of the things right now. I’ve had to cancel my fair share of trips and events, so why did this innocent post trigger me? Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the sunflower garland that frames my daughter’s bedroom windows. The garland that

My Nursing MUST HAVE list!

Navigating post partum and breast feeding is crazy enough, but the sea of PRODUCTS thrown at us is even crazier! Here is my top TRIED AND TRUE list for this first-time breast feeding Mama! Have any favorites? Let me know! I'll try them and add to the list! Haaka Nipple Cream (any brand) Bamboobies Brest Friend Pillow Extra set of pump parts Freezer bags (I’ve used all kinds) Cart/Nightstand A wrap/cover that you will actually USE/LOVE! My favorite is the cocoon from @weareamma Sunflower Lecitin A good hands-free pumping bra (I have the Kindred Bravely and Ollie Gray brands! Love them both. Ollie Gray runs small - size up!)  Beachbody Hydrate 1454304