My Nursing MUST HAVE list!

Navigating post partum and breast feeding is crazy enough, but the sea of PRODUCTS thrown at us is even crazier! Here is my top TRIED AND TRUE list for this first-time breast feeding Mama!

Have any favorites? Let me know! I'll try them and add to the list!

  1. Nipple Cream (any brand)
  2. Brest Friend Pillow
  3. Extra set of pump parts
  4. Freezer bags (I’ve used all kinds)
  5. Cart/Nightstand
  6. A wrap/cover that you will actually USE/LOVE! My favorite is the cocoon from @weareamma
  7. Sunflower Lecitin
  8. A good hands-free pumping bra (I have the Kindred Bravely and Ollie Gray brands! Love them both. Ollie Gray runs small - size up!) 


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