My Maternity "Must-Have" List

What kind of belt is that? What lotion are you using? Where do you shop for maternity workout clothes? These are my MOST ASKED questions filling up my inbox these days, so I decided to make you a list of MY maternity must-have's this go around! Here they are! I hope you enjoy all or some of these items as much as I have the last 30 weeks! 

And AS ALWAYS, be sure to discuss with your doctor's use of any products related to pregnancy to get THEIR green light. These were all approved by mine, but each woman and pregnancy is different. 

1. Serola belt.
I've been using this during my workouts and when I'm teaching dance since my first trimester as pelvic and sciatic pain started EARLY for me. I got this belt during my last pregnancy upon the recommendation of my midwife and it has been a LIFE SAVER specifically for pelvic pain. I would suggest sizing UP in this belt as it adjusts and as you grow, you might size out of your "regualr" size.

2. Lululemon Align Pant 
These are SUPER HIGH quality (they're lulu!), buttery soft, and don't choke the crap out of your bump! Not only THAT - my regular size has fit me comfortably my entire pregnancy. I was looking at the sales associate cross eyed when she told me to try on my regular size, but sure enough, they've grown with me since I first bought a pair around 14 weeks. I was cringing at the idea of having to buy a whole new workout maternity wardrobe which is SUPER EXPENSIVE, so knowing I'll be able to wear this post baby, too, made the price tag easier to swallow. If you go online, shop their WE MADE TOO MUCH sales and you can typically find these pants marked down about $30. If you're a group fitness instructor or personal trainer, you can also submit proof of your certifications and become part of the SWEAT COLLECTIVE membership where you'll get additional discounts, even on clearance items!;en-US-JSON;women;align-shop

3. 8 Sheep Organics: Sleepy Lotion
Around 20 weeks, I started getting AWFUL cramps in my calves and butt at night. And around the same time, Gioia started getting super active in the wee hours of the morning which would wake me up and I couldn't fall back asleep. I must have been talking about my pregnancy leg cramps near my phone because OF COURSE this lotion popped up in my IG newsfeed 30 seconds later and the cycle completed itself when I clicked to order, haha. But, it has been AMAZING!! I slather some of this on my feet, calves, quads, and glutes before bed and I literally CANNOT KEEP MY EYES OPEN. Not only that, but I fall back asleep almost immediately when I wake up 56 times to pee. I have no clue what is in this stuff (actually, I do, there's only like 5 ingredients in it and it's organic) but it has been a DREAM and answered prayer this second half of my pregnancy!

4. Nike Free Tr8 
Basically, my feet swelled up like a balloon and I could no longer fit my sneakers on to workout and we were in crisis mode, haha. I also couldn't wear my ballet shoes when teaching anymore as my arches were killing me. I found these online, stalked them like a hawk until they went on sale in my size and I wish I would have just bought them sooner and paid full price and eliminated like an extra month of agony. The laces don't come through the inside of the shoe, so they won't suffocate your already swollen feet and they're stretchy and easy to slip on and off without having to wrestle TOO MUCH with your belly in the way just to get your shoes on.

5. BeautyCounter Flawless in Five
So, in total transparency, I was already a major BeautyCounter fangirl before I was pregnant. I've been using their charcoal soap for my face for a couple of years now and when I run out is when my skin runs into issues. I'm slowly but surely working on swapping out all of my skincare and makeup to BeautyCounter for cleaner alternatives to what I'm already using, but their Flawless in Five set has kept me feeling semi human on days when I am so tired and have no energy to do my makeup in literally 5 minutes. I'm also using their Citrus Body Butter for the itchy skin on my belly!

*If you do not currently have a consultant, please let me know! My friend Krista is AMAZING, has offered so much advice, and truly advocates for total wellness.

6. Mommee Coffee
As most of us, I wasn't willing to totally give up my cup of coffee, so I looked for an alternative and found this amazing brand made just for PREGNANT WOMEN! It's low acid and comes in all varying degrees of caffeine - I'm currently drinking the 1/2 caf. I also LOVE that it's low acid, so less heart burn risk, and when I'm nursing post pregnancy, I'll keep using this brand, as well.

7. Expectful App

This app has guided meditations based around each trimester at varying lengths. I've used it a handful of times when I've felt anxiety creeping in. This month, for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness, they have also added a tab for healing meditations for Mom's who have experienced a loss. It is a pricier app, but I have learned through this pregnancy that I can't put a price tag on my sanity. If it's helpful, I'll pay for it.


  1. I exclusively wore the align pants my entire pregnancy . They were perfection!

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