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Whole30: Why, What, How, & RESULTS!

Gosh, I cannot believe I am even writing this! I finished my Whole 30 journey this past week, but it feels like I literally just started it yesterday... without all of the first week symptoms. I wanted to take some time to not only share HOW I went about this journey, but WHY. I know there are people out there who could potentially relate, so here I won't spare ANY details. WHY? This is a major question people ask. WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO YOURSELF?! Seems to be the common theme. Well, here's why: 1. Hormones. Before I became pregnant with Frankie, we were advised that I should do an elimination diet. Certain foods can trigger certain hormones and not allow certain natural things to happen. We were testing out fine as far as fertility goes, so, I figured, what do we have to lose?! I started by cutting out gluten and within a couple of months, we were expecting :) SO, I pretty much am aware that my hormones ARE in fact affected by foods. After giving birth, it's totall

FJM: Your Best Friend's Baptism Day

Good morning, sweet girl! Today is a very special day. Today, your best friend, Ezzy, is being Baptized. We know you know all of this already, but I want to tell you all about what today was like here for us on Earth. Your perspective was probably much more exciting and I can't wait to hear about it one day. So, let me take you back to a few days ago. I saw that nice lady that helps me sort through the sadness  and confusion I feel from missing you and she helped me to remember and recall YOUR Baptism day. This event was so important for your Daddy & I. We didn't know it then, but as time has gone on, we realize in that moment we handed your soul completely over to God. We know you are His child, we know His son, Jesus, is teaching you to pray and when we worry about you, that thought alone can calm me down. The morning after you were born sleeping, we had your grandparents and your Uncle Paul come back to see you one last time and we planned your Baptism to take plac