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Black Friday came EARLY!

Hey there!  I just HAD to reach out to all of you because I just got word that there is a BIG BLACK FRIDAY SALE happening with Team Beachbody! Word on the street s that some of your favorite programs that you may have had your eyes on will be up to 70% off! YIKES! These sales typically have limited quantities of products and the trend is that they SELL OUT!  For STARTERS, & the best sale, in my opinion because of what you’re getting for your money, is the 21 Day Fix/Shakeology bundle they have going on! You get a 30 day supply of Shakeology at it’s regular price—BUT! you add the 21 Day Fix OR Fix Extreme program for only $10 more! Shakeology is absolutely a GAME CHANGER as far as your health goes- we swear by it in our house for it’s health benefits & with my husband being type 1 diabetic, it has helped control his sugar levels & helps him get his greens in that he so despises (without him even knowing it!)  Not only that, but we also have CIZE CHALLENGE PACKS

Breakfast Egg Cups

let's face it.  mornings are rough.  It's hard enough to not hit the snooze, let alone make yourself a healthy breakfast. & with all those drive-through "2 for 1 + free coffee" specials, it's way too easy to fill our bellies with grease & fake meat.  of course, I always recommend your daily dose of superfood nutrition in the form of Shakeology for breakfast & for those of you on the go, but if breakfast is a meal you'd like to eat, then this option is great!  I'm so pumped I finally took the time out of my day (35 minutes, to be exact) to set myself up for breakfast for the ENTIRE WEEK!  the other thing I love about this meal is that they are so versatile! you can really pump up the protein by adding meats- I think next time, I'll add some ground turkey sausage or shredded chicken to the recipe! you can vary your veggies & even add cheese.  here's how I made them this specific time: INGREDIENTS: 1 dozen larg