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LOVE the skin you're in

I feel like I'm one of those people who is always experiencing these dramatic "things" & really takes them to heart. But, I have my reasons. This morning, I woke up & I got right to work on this new challenge group idea-- LOVE THE SKIN YOU'RE IN. I have been thinking so much lately about where I came from as far as health & fitness goes, where I was, where I am now, & where I'm headed. I decided late last night that I would make a little mini series of photos explaining this group & how not only will we focus on our current health & fitness goals, but also, really think about our own self confidence. How we view & treat our own bodies.. & why. As most of you know, I am a dancer. Without having to explain too much, we are constantly being judged by our aesthetic. Constantly being told to "suck in our stomachs" or we're poked and prodded and readjusted to create the most visually appealing lines... & none of th


hey hey! it's me here, a newly GLUTEN FREE eater & i really wanted some dang pancakes the other day, so i found this little recipe & switched it up to fit my needs! pretty much everyday, I eat eggs for breakfast, but sometimes you really need a change of pace! I'll be making these this week as part of my weekly meal plan & freezing them for quick, on the go breakfasts I can enjoy while driving to the gym or to work! (or sitting down at a table, that would be an appropriate way to eat breakfast, also, haha!) INGREDIENTS: 1 banana 2 eggs 1 cup of rolled oats (I used gluten free, but you do your thing!) DIRECTIONS: ... seriously this is the easiest recipe ever, hence why I probably like it so much -put all ingredients in a blender -blend until smooth -heat a griddle & put desired amount on... -cook like a pancake, flip & cook the other side... DONE! they're just the right amount of sweet & filling without breaking your calorie count fo