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When Lightning Strikes in the Same Spot Twice.

Isaiah, 21: 11 Oracle on Edom: They call to me from Seir, "Watchman, how much longer in the night? Watchman, how much longer in the night?" The watchman replies, "Morning has come and again night.  If you will ask, ask: come back again" Before I began writing today, I laid my hands on my Bible and said a simple prayer. It went something like this: "Okay, G. I am here. I'm going to open this Bible on the count of 3 and I'm going to ask that you just show me what you want me to know. Jesus, take the wheel... 3, 2, 1...." Well, shit. I read Isaiah 21:11 and thought there must have been some mistake because this passage struck me as depressing and that couldn't possibly be what God wanted to say to me right now. Basically, I read this and what I understood was this "night" I am currently experiencing is going to last a good while. But, don't fret, just keep coming back and asking me when it's going to be over an