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Change the Lens

In 9th grade, my favorite class was English. I had an amazing teacher that I still think of fondly. He was the first teacher I had after transitioning to public school for high school that paid attention to me and thought that my opinions, especially about books we were reading, were great and he encouraged me to write my opinions into essays. Because of him, I always have had a real love for writing and sharing my thoughts.   During this year in his class, I found myself reading more books than I typically would. I would finish the assigned novels ahead of everyone else, so he would give me another one to read during our allotted reading time in class. Because of this, I started to get headaches and eventually made my way to the eye doctor where they basically prescribed me reading glasses. I remember putting them on for the first time and realizing how different my perspective was now that the words were seemingly so much bigger on the page.   They were the same s