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HOW TO: Have a HAPPY + HEALTHY Thanksgiving!

If you're like me, the holiday's come with a weird layer of stress around the fact that I really don't want to feel deprived of good foods, but I also don't want to un-do all of the hard work I have put in throughout the first 10 months of the year. Food, for me, is a constant battle of what I "want" and what I actually WANT-- not just because it is in front of my face.  Here are my top 5 tips to follow this Thanksgiving to keep yourself happy, on track, and following your instincts when it comes to eating this amazing dinner.  1. Know what your intention is BEFORE you go into Thanksgiving dinner and be at PEACE with it. The worst thing to do, for me, is to not be SURE if I'm going to go off the rails or not, then eat 2 pieces of pie and beat myself up for it for another two days. It's NOT WORTH SACRIFICING THAT MUCH TIME OVER. Decide from the beginning: Are you going to stick to your healthy eating plan, are you going to allow yourself A LITTLE

The ULTIMATE Thanksgiving Clean Eating Guide!

Are you stressed out about how you are going to maintain the progress you have made in your health and fitness journey with Thanksgiving dinner quickly approaching?! No worries! I have pulled some of my favorite and the AMAZING cleaned up Thanksgiving recipes straight from the Beachbody Blog for you here! For the ULTIMATE BEACHBDOY THANKSGIVING GUIDE  click here! Herb Roasted Turkey If you've been put in charge of the bird this year, then follow along with this recipe to make a flawless (and healthy) turkey.   Course   Main Course   Cuisine   American   Prep Time   15   minutes   Cook Time   4   hours   Total Time   4   hours   35   minutes   Servings   24   Servings, 4 oz each   Author   Beachbody Ingredients 1   (18 lb.) raw whole turkey 1½   tsp   sea salt   (or Himalayan salt) 2   Tbsp   coarsely ground black pepper 1½   tsp   dried thyme leaves 1½   tsp   dried ground sage 1½   tsp   dried oregano leaves 1½   tsp   dried basi