This blog post is about bringing the JOY back into the holidays! 

Read on if this time of year makes you:
stressed out 
easily upset

I'm raising both hands over here! I always find myself running in 600 directions trying to make everyone else happy and never really ENJOYING what this season is ALL ABOUT:

This causes me to make less than stellar food choices. Which then throws me into a cycle of binge eating, skipping workouts, feeling like crap, and setting "INTENTIONS" to start over when the ball drops on NYE.

This year, starting NOW, I am taking my LIFE BACK.

I'm in the midst of #operationelimination and ONLY saying YES to foods, people, activities, and spending my time doing the things that bring ME JOY + help me FEEL my best. What is this elimination plan I've been doing?

Basically, I have removed all foods from my eating that don't FUEL me. Over time, I have learned that dairy, grains, and sugar are NOT on my side. Dairy and grains bloat me and make me foggy headed. Sugar causes my anxiety to INCREASE and I toss and turn at night. I have worked hard at finding amazing substitutes for my old favorites and don't seem to crave them too much at all. 

In addition to eliminating foods, I have also eliminated people, activities, and obligations that do not fuel my soul. I have no time or space for negativity in my life, so some things needed to be cut out to help keep my mind and heart in the right space- especially this time of year!

Being healthy and fit isn't just about food and fitness.. it starts in YOUR MIND.

If anyone knows a thing or two about overcoming HARD OBSTACLES, I think I do.

I'm ready to share this mindset switch with YOU so you can make this your best holiday season yet... and BEST CASE SCENARIO... you might even lose a pound or two along the way.

My next group- BRING BACK THE JOY - is kicking off the Monday after Thanksgiving.

We will focus on finding foods that make us FEEL good that we actually CRAVE so we will STOP THE CYCLE OF FEELING DEPRIVED AND BINGING OVER THE HOLIDAYS! 

We will focus on MOVING our body because WE CAN over the holidays. Our bodies are the vessels for our souls to live out their purpose. It's time we start taking care of it. 

We will focus on DAILY GRATITUDE EXERCISES because we have SO MUCH to be grateful for! 

We will make the mindset switch to make this our best end of year EVER. 

I am only enrolling FIVE new clients this season. If you would like to reserve your spot or get more info, please fill out the application below! 


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