How to: SNACK SMART! My Top 10 Snack Swaps to Help You Crush Your Goals and Your Cravings.

Because of my own lifestyle being described as “busy”, I am most often asked about SNACKING! What kind of SNACKS are good for on-the-go or can be swapped out for our “not so healthy” favorites?

Truth be told, I don’t “snack” that much because I actually really love to EAT fairly large meals that keep me sustained for longer periods of time. But, I do find myself needing to have some things handy that I can eat quickly while on the go that won’t cause an energy crash, leave me feeling bloated, or generally don’t help my body feel it’s best. 

Here are a list of my TOP TEN go to snacks that keep me feeling GREAT. These are all easy to pack in a cooler for the road and can be taken ANYWHERE. Just get yourself a decent set of tupperware and a lunchbox you will love packing and get to work! 

1. Raw veggies and hummus or guacamole. As a notorious “chips and dip” snacker, when I realized that what I actually was craving was a snack with a CRUNCH, I was able to swap the chips and dip out for bell peppers, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, cucumbers— literally any veggie! Dip them in hummus or guacamole and the chips and dip craving is GONE and the snack sustains my appetite. 

2. Popcorn. While corn and popcorn does cause some mild bloating for me, personally, air popped popcorn lightly salted is a GREAT alternative to the butter “movie theater” version. Just watch your portion sizes because you can go way overboard if you are mindlessly consuming popcorn for no other reason than boredom. Portion it out in ziplock bags so you don’t overeat on the go! 

3. Apples or 1/2 banana and peanut butter. Self explanatory. These are GREAT on the go snacks that are good for your gut, your brain, and your energy levels. 

4. Larabars. OH MY GOSH, GUYS. These are like CANDY BARS for me! Which is why I REALLY have to control myself around them. I like to keep them in the fridge and when I know I am going to have a long night at the studio, I be sure to throw one in my dance bag just in case I find myself hungry and can’t ward off the hanger dragons. 

5. Apple nachos. Guys. Okay. Brace yourselves. Cut an apple up into small slices. Melt a TBSP of peanut butter for 30 seconds in the microwave. Sprinkle your apple with cinnamon and drizzle the melted peanut butter on top. You’re welcome. 

6. Greek yogurt with PB2 and honey. Before I realized what a hormone trigger dairy is for my body, I would snack on this regularly after dinner to curb that craving for something like ice cream. If dairy doesn’t do too much damage to you, this is a great option! Looking for a protein packed snack that also tastes like dessert? Sprinkle a TBSP of PB2 powder and a drizzle of raw honey into a bowl of greek yogurt and enjoy! If you’re really looking to get wild, add a few dark chocolate chips. I SAID A FEW! I see you with your hand in the bag claiming a fist full is a few. ;) 

7. Hard boiled eggs sprinkled with hot sauce. This might sound weird, but really. When I’m on the go, I just throw two hard boiled eggs into a tupperware container sprinkled with hot sauce and ENJOY. Eggs are amazing. Eggs create LIFE. The nutrients inside an egg makes this snack an amazing option! And everything is better with hot sauce. 

8. Berries and almonds. I LOVE BLACKBERRIES and could eat them at every single sitting. They taste like candy to me because I have figure out what my body actually wants and craves, so I always say YES to the berries. Throw a handful of nuts in the mix and you can have your own snack version of my old favorite college drink “nuts and berries”. 

9. Ants on a log! Remember? You had this all the time in kindergarten! Just celery slices with peanut butter slathered all over and raisins on top! How CUTE and EASY for on the go. Throw those suckers in a small container or ziplock and you are SET. *Disclaimer: my husband LOVES carrots and peanut butter together. I cannot bring myself to even try it because it just sounds too weird, but if you like carrots and you like peanut butter, GO AHEAD AND LIVE OUT YOUR DREAMS, MY FRIEND. 

10. Shakeology or Daily Sunshine. I love this shiz so I will ALWAYS make sure it stays in my top 10. I cannot tell you how many times I have found myself on the go, starving, and about to make a decision completely out of pure HANGER and I remember I have a packet of Shakeology or Daily Sunshine in my purse. I grab a bottle of water from a gas station, dump the packet of superfoods into the water, shake it up, and go. This will hold me over for at least an hour or two until I can get a full meal in and is SO WORHT the $4/serving. What else can you get that is that nutrient dense for $4? I know. NOTHING. 

I hope these snack swaps and ideas help you to start to get creative when it comes to fueling your body with REAL, COLORFUL, RICH foods! I think the trend is to think that a “snack” has to come in a bag, plastic wrap, or be already prepared for you— but snacks should be seen as just as important as our MEALS themselves. Snack wisely and you will be AMAZED at how your body thanks you! 


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