HOW TO: Have a HAPPY + HEALTHY Thanksgiving!

If you're like me, the holiday's come with a weird layer of stress around the fact that I really don't want to feel deprived of good foods, but I also don't want to un-do all of the hard work I have put in throughout the first 10 months of the year. Food, for me, is a constant battle of what I "want" and what I actually WANT-- not just because it is in front of my face. 

Here are my top 5 tips to follow this Thanksgiving to keep yourself happy, on track, and following your instincts when it comes to eating this amazing dinner. 

1. Know what your intention is BEFORE you go into Thanksgiving dinner and be at PEACE with it. The worst thing to do, for me, is to not be SURE if I'm going to go off the rails or not, then eat 2 pieces of pie and beat myself up for it for another two days. It's NOT WORTH SACRIFICING THAT MUCH TIME OVER. Decide from the beginning: Are you going to stick to your healthy eating plan, are you going to allow yourself A LITTLE BIT OF WIGGLE ROOM, or are you THROWING CAUTION TO THE WIND and you'll get back to your regularly scheduled eating plan tomorrow? Whatever the plan is, it is YOUR plan. Do not let ANYONE else make you feel bad and do not MAKE YOURSELF FEEL BAD, regardless of what happens.

2. Drink the wine. Seriously. It's okay. Unless you REALLY have some amazing reason to SKIP the wine (like pregnancy or an alcohol issue) there is no reason to think that a couple glasses of wine is going to un-do all of your progress. I've never regretted a glass of wine at the holiday's. It just makes me a better me at those lovely family dinners. But, please note... I didn't say GET DRUNK + DANCE ON THE TABLE! I just said... relax and enjoy yourself.

3. Don't wear your stretch pants. You have been working hard on those #goals, so wearing your stretch pants so you can "eat three plates of food" is silly. Wear those skinny jeans you've been working your butt off to show off this year! Rock your HOLIDAY GOAL OUTFIT and TAKE PRIDE in those results, no matter  how big or small. And eat ONE plate of food because this dinner is not the last time you will ever eat again. If you LOVE Thanksgiving food that much, make it again next month! Focus on how amazing the first plate of food tastes. Slow down and enjoy it. One is enough. You are not starving to death.

4. Eat the dessert! Decide on which one you are going to eat at the beginning and stick to it. You might even realize that a bite or two is enough. Forget the old rule you learned as a child to "finish your plate because there are starving children in Africa". While this is true, whether you throw it away or eat it when you don't actually WANT it... it's still wasteful if you really think about it. If your body doesn't need it and you eat it anyway, it turns into garbage in your body and makes you feel like crap. Focus on FEELING GOOD. Eat what FEELS GOOD. Slow down. And enjoy.

5. Remember what this holiday is all about: GRATITUDE. What are you grateful for this year? Write it down. Remember what you are ACTUALLY CELEBRATING. Food is not the enemy, so don't treat it like one. Enjoy it!


FREAKING SWEAT! Do not skip your workout! If anything, go EXTRA! Wake up on Thanksgiving morning and sweat because you can, sweat for those who can't, and sweat for JOY. You matter and you are worth it. And hey... endorphins make you happier. So, if you have one of those family gatherings that always make you want to run through the wall by the end of the night... maybe the early release of endorphins will help!

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