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Just a Spoonful of Gratitude Helps the Negative Go Down

Long time no blog. I know. One of my 2015 goals is to blog twice a week-- keep me accountable! If you've been following this fitness journey of mine at all, you've probably become aware that in the recent months, I've been changing up my challenge groups a bit and adding a "gratitude" layer to them. I decided to add this little bit of extra around Thanksgiving when everyone is focused on what they are thankful for & the way the results went down, I couldn't help but to continue one throughout December, as well. & now here we are in January & there is no way I'm not running a group at the start of 2015 without the gratitude factor. Here's why: *I noticed a dramatic increase in the amount of activity from challengers when they had to focus on their blessings and what they were grateful for as opposed to just focusing on their health goals. *I found myself more excited to post in these groups what I'm thankful for, as well & I