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#bethatgirl leadership retreat recap: i am worthy.

okay... so, i am THAT girl that has a really hard time forming words of gratitude or expressing thoughts when i'm part of something that moves me so deeply- pretty much to endless tears. if you follow me at all on social media or we're real life friends, you know that last week, i spent the week in destin, florida with 40 other coaches at a leadership retreat. let me start by saying this- i, with all of my heart, did not feel like this retreat was something i deserved, earned, or should have taken the time to go to. i fought it long & hard. i battled with it for a while. but, something inside of me just kept saying "you're going"... (& then my husband was like YOU ARE INSANE IF YOU DO NOT GO TO THIS!- because he gets it. sometimes, more than i do!) & if i'm taking this moment to be SUPER honest... i drove myself to the airport & parked my car in the extended lot (which is not cheap) because i was actually had a ridiculous thought that if