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You're Good. You Belong.

Last month, I was in L.A. for work and I made the decision to look for a Church to attend Mass on Sunday before my flight home. To be honest, I have felt a serious weight on my chest lately that I wasn't able to quite make sense of, but I felt as if it revolved around a few conversations I had recently where friends of mine told me they felt like they couldn't go to Mass because they weren't accepted or they didn't belong, OR the fact that I am openly sharing about my faith more and writing on the topic made them feel like I wasn't accepting of them anymore. Those were hard things to hear. I think we all have felt not good enough for Jesus more often than not, but why is the LAST place we should feel left out, a faith community, the one that we run away from first? Or, in some cases, are TURNED away from first? So, that Sunday, I prayed. I specifically prayed to hear a message of belonging. And I got the message loud and clear. The Gospel reading that day sa