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Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

LIFE. CHANGING.  Truly, I am obsessed with anything buffalo. Currently, I am doing my best to find foods that I enjoy, feel like comfort foods, but also stay in line with my goals of clean eating and eliminating ingredients like grains, dairy, sugar, and gluten.  When my friend Brittney shared this recipe with me, I thought this sounded WAY TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, and I HAD TO try it.  It did not disappoint, my friends. Here it is: INGREDIENTS   1.5 lbs of chicken 3-4 medium sweet potatoes  Hot sauce (make sure there is no added sugar, I use franks!)  Garlic powder Red chili flakes  Chili powder Salt/pepper Homemade ranch  DIRECTIONS You can cook the chicken one of two ways... in a crock pot with all ingredients besides sweet potatoes on high for 2 hours or low for 4 hours. I baked the chicken at 375F for 25 minutes after seasoning it with above spices minus hot sauce. After the chicken cooled I pulled it apart, added hot sauce (amount to your liking - depending o

Detoxing? The TRUTH about what to expect.

You see it all over social media. At any given moment, one of your friends is doing some sort of detox, cleanse, diet, taking a pill, wrap, etc.  Now, hear me out. I am the BIGGEST supporter of my friends who have their own businesses. Who decide to take matters into their own hands financially by promoting and sharing products that they love! There is NOTHING wrong with that. But, if your friends are promoting a product, are they really going to tell you what they DON'T like about it or the truth about what to expect during a DETOX process? Probably not. I've never told the WHOLE truth when it comes to the cleanse that I do almost once a quarter, The 3 Day Refresh, not because I want to pull wool over your eyes, but more so, because I don't want to scare you into thinking you can't do something!  So, here is all the goods. Especially the answers to my MOST ASKED QUESTION: Will I be in the bathroom all day? First, let's talk about how to prepare: 1. PREP