Detoxing? The TRUTH about what to expect.

You see it all over social media. At any given moment, one of your friends is doing some sort of detox, cleanse, diet, taking a pill, wrap, etc. 

Now, hear me out. I am the BIGGEST supporter of my friends who have their own businesses. Who decide to take matters into their own hands financially by promoting and sharing products that they love! There is NOTHING wrong with that.

But, if your friends are promoting a product, are they really going to tell you what they DON'T like about it or the truth about what to expect during a DETOX process? Probably not. I've never told the WHOLE truth when it comes to the cleanse that I do almost once a quarter, The 3 Day Refresh, not because I want to pull wool over your eyes, but more so, because I don't want to scare you into thinking you can't do something! 

So, here is all the goods. Especially the answers to my MOST ASKED QUESTION: Will I be in the bathroom all day?

First, let's talk about how to prepare:

1. PREP IN ADVANCE. Read through the manual and get to the grocery store ahead of time so you're not scrambling during your detox. You want to be fully focused on everything else BESIDES FOOD, so don't go into this unprepared. You will regret it and the chances of you "slipping up" will be greater. Fail to plan you plan to fail!

2. Set an alarm on your phone with the times in which you will eat and what you will eat so there is NO GUESSING AND NO FORGETTING when to eat what!

3. In between your small meals, be sure to drink PLENTY OF WATER. At least 1/2 your body weight in ounces IN ADDITION to the water that is in your shakes. Staying hydrated and flushing your system is the name of this game.

4. If you find yourself hangry, take advantage of the tea and broth options in the program guide! They will help keep your tummy satisfied and curb the cravings to eat.

5. Don't plan to workout during this time. Your body is doing a lot of work to rid of the toxins and reboot. If anything, go for a light walk or do some gentle yoga.

6. Plan to go to bed earlier than usual. Just do it. You will want to.

7. That fiber sweep, though. Girl, shake that thing like a polaroid picture and then CHUG. If you let it sit, it will get chunky like oatmeal and you will spew it all over your kitchen.

What can you expect during?

Day 1: You probably won't experience much "detoxing" until late afternoon or evening. This can come in different forms, but for me, it's usually a headache, feeling "foggy" and tired. If you can nap, then take a nap. Be sure to drink water to try and help ease the detox headache, but if you need to take an advil to get through your day, I won't judge. I get it, girlfriend. There are only so many dragons you can slay and with a hammer inside your head, it's a tad difficult.

Day 2: You might wake up and realize you slept like a rock. This is the best part of this whole program, in my opinion. THE SLEEP. By the morning of Day 2, your digestion is probably getting itself worked out. If you feel some tummy discomfort, it's normal. Also, there is a whole section of your program guide called "The price you pay for gas" or something like that. Basically, you're going to fart. You're eating nothing but veggies and fruits, my friends. Depending on how you handle fiber, well, it's just going to happen. Grin and bear it. Warn your friends if you must. This too shall pass. (I'm so mature).

Day 3: We are sleeping like babies by now! By Day 3, the squirrels that are usually living inside my head throwing a rave are calm and sipping tea. Everyone has their chance to speak. Yinz, my thoughts are sorted! The sugar dragon that eats away at my brain function has been slayed. HOWEVER, stay alert. Day 3 I always feel REALLY GREAT, which leads to thoughts like "I did so well, I can have this piece of cheese and it will all be fine!" NO. It won't be. NO CHEATING. You can do this. On the third day, my restroom activities (or pooping) is really on schedule. This is a gentle cleanse, you will not be tied to the toilet all day. (Unless you attend a wedding the day before you start in which you consume way too much champagne. Then the Refresh will be your worst nightmare and this is why I ask all of my clients if they plan on going on a bender the night before because if so, do not think this is going to be even a remotely decent experience. I learned the hard way). Anyways......I'm feeling lighter and brighter. I'm ready to solve world peace. There is nothing that I cannot handle in my 6 inch stillettos and skinny jeans. I am woman. Hear me ROAR.  On Day 3, do yourself a favor and eat dinner and hop right into bed. In the morning you can eat EGGS! AND DRINK ALL THE COFFEE! It's like Christmas Eve for adults who detox.

Day 4: YOU DID IT! Now, just because your detox is over, doesn't mean you can forget everything you learned here! Wake up and drink your water to get your system moving and grooving and then WORK OUT! This is the best time to sweat for me. Before anyone else "needs me" and I can really calm any anxieties or concerns about the day ahead. In your Refresh Kit, there is also a MAINTENANCE GUIDE-- pay attention to it! Plan ahead. On the last day of the refresh, I like to sit down and meal plan and prep for the week ahead so I don't backslide into old habits. (If I am your Coach, I give you access to all of my meal plans, grocery lists, recipes, etc! Take advantage of them! You don't have to reinvent the wheel- I've already done it multiple times over!)

Concerns at this point are usually...... how will I stay on track?

That is where I COME IN! As your FREE COACH, it is my job to hold you accountable and support you on this journey. I create a virtual support group for new clients and veteran clients each month and it's always the right time to start chatting about YOUR JOURNEY with me as your Coach. Your options are limitless in creating the right experience FOR YOU catered to your goals, time limits, likes and dislikes. Let's chat so we can get the ball rolling!

For more information on ordering the 3 Day Refresh, fill out the form below and I'll be in touch!

All my joy,
Coach Tay


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