Autumn's got a new set of.... MOVES!

OK, so if you know anything about the 21 day fix, you know it comes with these itty bitty containers. Ones that I would totally have kept my Barbie shoes & clothes in, or maybe even my American Girl Doll, Felicity's accessories. (Instead, I kept all that stuff in old cigar boxes of my Dad's... they're still in there.. yes, all Felicity's belongings smell like an old man... I digress...) & if you're like me, you're all like "NO. WAY." There is no way I can eat from those containers and get enough food... it's just not possible. My excuse for never following the fix the whole way through is that I eat clean & I'm super active, so WHY limit myself to some stupid containers. I know what I'm doing.. psssh... Autumn who?

Truth. I'M TERRIFIED I'M GOING TO FAIL. What if I'm terrible at figuring out a meal plan for the 21 day fix? What if I mess it all up and lead my challengers in the wrong direction? WHAT IF I LIKE IT? Everyone that does this program the right way is always saying how much food they get to eat & that some days, they can't even eat all the food they're supposed to.. how could this be true!?

On Thursday, I was doing my normal MAX30 workout & I thought I was about to pass out, when I looked down and noticed my shirt that my baby sister and baby brother got for me for Christmas had flipped up mid genie tuck-jump. On the inside of the shirt, it says "RUN FAST. LIVE FEARLESS." In that moment, I stepped it up about 12 notches, because... really... What am I so afraid of? I've been thinking of that moment since then & that question in itself.. What am I afraid of and how do I tackle that fear?

I'm terrified of some plastic containers and the meal plan that goes along with them. Let's tackle that baby first! My Uncle Hank always tells my cousins and I "strength in numbers!" which maybe we have taken too far from time to time.. but I always think of him saying this when I'm about to tackle a new project! I refuse to go at things alone!

Autumn is coming out with a NEW 21 day fix EXTREME in February.  This program is NOT for the beginner, but more so for the first 21 day fix graduates or those ready for a more advanced workout. I got to have a little sneak peek at it on Super Friday & yesterday morning! There's weights, ladies! (& guys, too.. seriously, what better motivation then getting to push play and look at Autumn for a half hour everyday? I know my husband is down for that.) To prep for the release of this program, a few things need to happen so I can attack this program with gusto!

Here's MY game plan, but I would love to have you join me:

1. TODAY, I'm going to sit down and meal plan 21 day fix style for the week. I'm going grocery shopping. I'm meal prepping and portioning out with those dang containers! I GOT THIS ON LOCK DOWN.

2. Everyday, I'm going to continue pushing play with my remaining 3 weeks of MAX30! (I really want that free tee shirt...)

3. I'm going to start a group and do some "pre-enrolling" for a 21 day group beginning FEBRUARY 2ND! We will do a week of "preseason" prep & then kick off the 21 day fix OR 21 day fix EXTREME February 9th!

Clearly, this is not a plan that anyone should go at alone! If you're intrigued at all by the 21 day fix (either version, old or new!) & would like some more information or  you already saying I'M ALL IN!!!! <--- click there to start your application process!

Looking forward to "fixing" with you!

All my joy,


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