21 day fix, comin' at ya!

Hey there! 

So this blog is all about the 21 Day Fix & the 21 Day Fix EXTREME-- because it's the hot topic of conversation these days & I'm truly excited for this group to get underway! 

What is the difference between the two?

21 Day Fix:
-for all levels of fitness. There is a great modifier you can follow if you are just starting out!
-the meal plan allows for a little more wiggle room (like wine!) but really teaches you the concept of clean eating, portion control, & making sure you get the right amounts of different kids of foods each day!
21 Day Fix EXTREME:
-for the more ADVANCED in fitness-- all workouts include weights & a modifier
-stricter meal plan (but, you can always use the original meal plan & kick up your workouts!)
-In listening to Autumn talk about this program, she explained that the workouts aren't just kicked up one notch, but more like 7. I got to preview two of the workouts, and I would definitely agree!

I will be running a Challenge group for these two programs starting on February 9th! 

Who is this group for?

-anyone NOT already working with another Beachbody coach!
-anyone looking to better their health, fitness, & daily thoughts!
-anyone looking for some accountability for all 3 factors listed above!

What I need you to do:
-sign up for a FREE membership account so that I am linked to you as your coach if you already are not a current challenger or coach of mine! you can do so by going to this link:
This group will be a BETA TEST GROUP for the 21 day fix/21 day fix EXTREME. What this means is that all participants will be completing one of those two programs & drinking Shakeology daily! 
& when you submit your before & after photos to beachbody, they will send you a free tee shirt for your hard work! (who doesn't love free swag!?!) 
I would love to get to know each of you who are planning to join this group a little bit better to be sure this group will be a good fit for you and you are set up for success! 

Please fill out the Challenge Group application  >>HERE<< & we'll get moving!

All my joy,


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