Wanna Play a Game?


You don't only get me this month-- you get these ladies, too! 
Have you been thinking about joining a challenge group because you've seen me going on and on about motivation, accountability, clean eating tips & tricks? July is absolutely the month to do this, for a few reasons. But, if you're like me & you love games, this is your month!

First, I'm sure you're asking yourself, "What is a challenge group? What do I have to do?"  I have TWO challenge groups coming up this month which I'm super pumped about because my challenge groups right now have kicked off to an amazing start with great accountability & really positive people! The first date is JULY 14TH & this will be a general, 30 challenge group. What is a general 30 day challenge group? It's a group where you can be participating in ANY Beachbody program & nutrition. This group will last 30 days & during that time, every day we will check in with each other, we'll motivate each other, we'll post clean eating tips & tricks, & we'll ALL get healthier and help each other to achieve our health goals. That's what this is all about-- HELPING EACH OTHER!

The next group will start on JULY 21st & this is a strictly PiYo Challenge group! PiYo is on sale for a great deal this month since it was just released.I'm currently in a PiYo challenge group myself & I'm pretty much in love with it. I can feel myself getting stronger without using any weights or equipment, just my own body, and it's only week 1! BUT-- and this is a huge BUT-- I was really cocky when starting this program because I thought it would be easy for me with my dance background. I was completely WRONG. I have yet to completely make it through a workout without modifying, but that is OKAY. I'll get there & you will too if you're ready to join me!

Alright, so I'm sure by now you're like, "I thought she said there was fun & games involved?" YES. Here we go.

For every person you refer to a challenge group that joins one, I will give you a point. I'll keep you posted throughout the month where the points standings are and at the end of the month, the challenger with the MOST points accrued throughout the month will receive a BeachBody prize package! This will include a weeks worth of Shakeology packets, a Shakeology shaker cup, & a month supply of Energy & Endurace to help give you that energy boost to make it through your workout! Start going through your list of friends-- who do you want to work out with? Who will keep you motivated & accountable? When I started this journey, it was alone. I made friends along the way, but I get so excited when a friend joins a challenge group because I know it's going to be 110% more fun-- we can help each other along the way, meal prep & plan, & even workout together from time to time.

So, if you've been contemplating participating in a challenge, JULY IS YOUR MONTH! I'm here to help you & want to make this the biggest month ever helping people achieve their OWN specific goals.

Are you ready?

If your answer is yes, or even MAYBE, message me on Facebook or email me at tmolitierno@gmail.com

More games coming up-- STAY TUNED!


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