Core de Force: Week 3 Review!

After week 2 on left After week 3 on right 
I am down to my FINAL WEEK & 2 days of this program! 

I cannot believe how quickly this has actually all gone by. I feel like just yesterday, I pressed play and I couldn't actually do more than a few reps of each move without taking a break.

Here is my review from the past week of workouts:

For starters, I am barely taking any breaks at all as opposed to the first week when I was following only the modifier. 

There is one specific workout that you do each week called Dynamic Strength. It's a 47 minute workout with lots of push-ups involved. This past week, when completing this workout, I did the majority of the push-up variations on my toes, not my knees! 

There also is one move called "ground to fighter stance" that has been my arch nemesis up until this week. This is like a burpee and it is introduced in this program on DAY ONE and it shows up quite often. On day 1, I vividly remember I could only do three. 

This week, I did the WHOLE 30 SECONDS OF THIS MOVE! 

All in all, I am experiencing a TON of non-scale victories. 

The meal plan this week added an extra BLUE container as well as the extra PURPLE we added last week! This week, we will cut those extra containers back out. I followed the plan pretty well, except for Wednesday at the hockey game & Thursday Thanksgiving dinner! But, that's why I live my life 80/20! I don't want to be caught in a situation where I can't succeed because I have pulled the reins too tight. For me, that just causes binging and completely falling off the wagon. 

Wanna know a secret?

I stepped on the scale Thanksgiving morning for the first time since I started Core de Force.I haven't lost a single pound. I haven't gained, either.

I was actually shocked to see this number hadn't dropped because of all the non-scale victories I've accomplished.

My clothes fit better.
I can do more reps than day 1.
I'm not as winded.
I can push harder.

Typically, that fact would derail me. Instead, I said oh, well... and went and worked out. And enjoyed my Thanksgiving dinner.
Happy Thanksgiving! 
& the next day, I pressed play again.
What's motivating me?

The fact that I'm going to finish this freaking program! I am going to crush a goal from start to finish!
It's about the journey.

Sweat for me is a prayer, a reflection, a way to lay it all out there. The pounds may drop or they may not...But, I'm going to keep lining up goals and knocking them down.

I would LOVE to stand in your corner and coach you through your own health & fitness goals. 

If you would like some more information on how you can join my next group, please fill out the application below and I will send you an email to further discuss your own personal goals! 

All my joy,
Coach Tay 


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