Core de Force: Week 2 Results & Review!


The past 7 days of this program TESTED me to my very CORE (haha, see what I did there?)

But no, seriously.

I've been crying during these workouts. The last 5 minutes at least 3 of the last 7 days have been a total sob session. I've always been a believer that sweat is the best stress reliever, but I am surely experiencing it now.

I have been VERY sore.
I have been really tired.
I have TRIED to make every excuse in the book to not get my workouts in daily... but then I remember...

Every time I push play on this program, I notice the following things:

-the moves are becoming easier.
-I am able to do more reps than before
-I can FEEL myself getting stronger
-I am taking less breaks
-I am able to mentally lay it all out there and leave my troubles in my sweat. (and there is A LOT of sweat).

I went into this program hoping for great physical results. 15 days in, I could care less what the scale says, I am more concerned about my head and my heart & what THEY are saying. I know that my clothes are fitting better and I know that I am fighting for my own Joy.... every single day.

Every day, when I push play, I kick and punch the negative thoughts, the doubts, the fears, the anxieties away. Every day, I remind myself and others that EVERY. SWEAT. MATTERS.

This week, I wasn't 100% on my meal plan every single day, but I did my best. I went out to dinner and ate off the meal plan twice and had half a pitcher of Sangria at one of those dinners, but THAT IS OKAY. I am not the coach for you if you are looking to ONLY eat according to the meal plan 7 days a week. I cannot possibly do that, so I would expect my challengers to! But, when I do go out to dinner or do fun things, I am aware of portions and BETTER OPTIONS. That is the name of my game-- finding the BEST OPTIONS that won't make you feel deprived and then binge.

Here is the plan I set out for myself for week to and the Sunday treat meal happened, but so did an extra treat meal on Friday. Other than that, I stuck to the plan and I am PROUD of my accomplishments!

I am currently taking enrollments for my NEXT group which kicks off 3 days of PREP the day after Thanksgiving! We will officially kick off our workout programs of choice (we have a HUGE variety to choose from or you can do your own thing at the gym, running, walking, etc!) & incorporate drinking Shakeology daily, BUT, the main focus of this group will be FINDING YOUR JOY AND KEEPING IT throughout the holiday season!

I am gifting the book "Unglued" to the THREE folks who enroll for this group with the purchase of their challenge pack! This book is all about finding ways to remain calm, ease anxiety, and not come UNGLUED on those around you by focusing on God's word and what He says to help us through stressful situations and times.

To apply for this group for more information, please fill out the form below:

Challenge Group Application


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