Core de Force Week 1 Review!

Top pictures are Day 1, Bottom pictures are Day 7! 

Core de Force Week 1 Log! 


What a week and test this program has been for me! I have found myself extremely winded and confused as to how I got so out of shape! (carrying a child for 28 weeks will do that to you, apparently!) 

My core strength is TOAST and halfway through Day 1’s workout, I knew I was in for a wild ride! But, SO WORHT IT! I am learning to trust the process and not weighing myself at all again until Thursday morning before Thanksgiving! 

My honest thoughts on the program is that it’s HARDER than I thought it would be— not just because I am that out of shape, but I just have never actually moved my body in this way. Joel & Jericho do an awesome job of breaking down the moves, though! And let’s just talk about that modifier…. SHE’S MY BEST FRIEND! There is a track where you can split the screen and have her on half the screen the whole time to see the modified moves, which I LOVE, because some of the harder upper body moves I am really struggling with still. 

What I REALLY love about the program is how quickly I am noticing strength and endurance returning. Like I said, I haven’t stepped on the scale yet and I’m not going to for a couple more weeks, but on Day 1 and Day 2, I could barely walk. I repeated those workouts according to the calendar— Day 1 repeats on Day 3 and Day 2 repeats on Day 6 and the difference just in that short time made me feel really great and REALLY PROUD! I did more push-ups on my toes during the Dynamic Strength workout and I didn’t have to take nearly as many breaks. 

I was also excited to see that the meal plan guide uses the color coded containers! Those are so extremely helpful when prepping and planning your meals & they break down the portion controls so incredibly well. It makes that daunting task seem like a breeze! 

Week 1 Meal Plan! 

Overall, I am just so anxious to see where I’m at on Day 30! My TEST GROUP for this program is officially kicking off on Monday, November 14th and are currently in their PREP WEEK getting situated and settled for success! 

Think this program might be one you'd be interested in? There's still time to join us! Fill out this form & I will be in touch soon! 

All my joy! 


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