Super Saturday + Behind the Scenes

A lot of questions have been coming at me about this thing I was at this past weekend called Super Saturday. It's not the first Super Saturday I've posted about & as many of you know- one of these events in April is the day that my business WHY evolved and emerged... it was always in there, but it's so much more than just sharing some DVD's & shakes.

so, I wanted to take some time to fill you all in on what a Beachbody Super Saturday actually is, why they're important, & how you can attend...

Exclusive Diamond Training friday night with Jeff Hill! 
First, this past weekend was Pittsburgh's Super Saturday for the 4th quarter. Each quarter of the year, we all gather in cities to go over new business information, be inspired by success stories from coach and challengers, cheer each other on for our accomplishments, transformations, & successes, get in a kick butt live workout, take A LOT OF SELFIES! (my favorite part of the job), & squeeze each other IN PERSON instead of on social media (how we typically communicate with each other). We get tips from top elite coaches in the Pittsburgh network that we can think on, make into our own, & use to push our own lives & businesses forward.

What if you're not in Pittsburgh? Doesn't matter! There are events in almost every major city across the country (& tiny cities, too!) that you can attend! Let me know & I'll help you find one in your area!

What if you're not a coach? doesn't matter, either! These events are truly so much fun and I can barely put into words the environment & feelings I get when I'm surrounded with these inspiring, like-minded people. There are people there who have lost over 100lbs with these products & programs.... how can you not be moved?!

Katy giving a YOU MATTER speech.
But.... if you've read some of my blog posts in the past, you know... that these events tug a different way on my heart than most coaches... it goes way deeper than just the surface... & has cracked me open in a whole different way.

If you remember, or maybe you're new to this blog & you don't know.... This past April, during a time when I was involved in 10 week fundraising campaign for my coach, Katy Ursta, to be named Woman of the Year, there was a Beachbody Super Saturday. Instead of bringing in a celebrity trainer or someone from corporate... the network decided to make it a fundraiser to support our cause. Why was this so important to me? Because if we raised $50,000 during this 10 weeks, we would receive a research grant named after my cousin, Emily Leyland, who passed gracefully in August of 2013 from a very diligent battle with Leukemia. She left her mark on this world.... & it's become my mission to make my own- in her honor.

That day at that specific Super Saturday, we had already raised around $20,000 prior to this event. At the end of the Super Saturday event, the market council in Pittsburgh who did so much for us.... presented us with a check for over $30,000... meaning, we, on that day, at that event, and locked in the $50,000 and would in fact, receive the grant in Emily's  name.

At the gala when the event wrapped up, Katy was not named Woman of the Year. & I will admit, we were bummed. We felt like we did so much, but it wasn't enough....

What we didn't know was that there was something much bigger in store.

In July, at coach Summit, in front of a NFL football stadium full of people.... Beachbody awarded Katy with the Humanitarian of the Year award. We never saw this coming, but once again, this community showed us....

that we matter.
that we are enough.
that we are worthy.
& when you put your whole heart into your hustle...
you will be rewarded.

I cannot hide the irony that yesterday this showed up at my door... It seems like when the days are the hardest, Emily shows me that it's all worth it. That I matter. That I can do it all. That I am worthy... & to live my life spreading my joy.

When I focus on spreading her joy, I always feel her presence.

Interested in learning more about coaching, challenge groups, becoming a part of my team? I am hosting a 5 day sneak peak on October 26th & would love to have you. Please fill out the application below for more information.

All my joy


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