Buffalo Chicken "Spaghetti"

remember that time i blogged about how i had no clue how to cut open a spaghetti squash? well, i figured it out! & made this awesome, hearty, CLEAN, low-carb, dinner! 

here you go!


shredded buffalo chicken (i put my chicken in the crock pot for 4 hours on high covered in hot sauce, then shredded with a fork & cooked on low for another half hour to save time & have for more than just this meal!)
cheese of your choice (i used blue & parm, but will probably change this each time i make it) 
clove of garlic
salt & pepper 

preheat oven to 375
combine cooked spaghetti squash, shredded chicken, cheese, & garlic in casserole dish
cover with foil & bake for 15 minutes, remove foil & bake for another 15 (or until bubbly & a little browned)



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