Whole30 Week 1 Review!

This past week, I started a new journey with my relationship with FOOD! Food has always been something I've been lenient with and recently, with the emotions of our loss and the holidays, I wasn't staying nearly as on track as I typically am. I realized that this component could be a huge reason as to why I wasn't feeling better, even though I was working out daily and doing my best, I still was experiencing major fatigue, upset tummy issues, and pretty much an uncontrollable appetite. I had seen so many friends doing the Whole30 and I figured, why the heck not?! I had nothing to lose-- except for maybe some negative symptoms. 
For starters, I want to make a few things clear that were VERY important to me before I decided to tackle this food beast:

1. I was not giving up my daily Shakeology. The authors do not want you to drink it during the program and I am going to agree to disagree with them on this. I know what it does for me, I know the nutritional gaps it fills for me, and I know that it helps to curb cravings and I was not about to throw my go-to craving buster to curbside. I'm 2.5 years strong with drinking it and that streak isn't about to end any time soon!

2. I sat down and wrote out a clear WHY I was doing this program. This isn't something I would recommend anyone just tries out for shiz & giggles. It takes commitment and perseverance. On the FIRST page of the book, it even says.... "It is not hard. Don't you dare tell us this is hard. Quitting heroin is hard. Beating cancer is hard. Drinking your coffee black. is. not. hard." I would like to add my own two cents here: that giving birth to a beautiful baby girl... stillborn... is hard. This is not hard. I am doing this because my body is not letting go of the "baby weight", I still am producing milk, and I would like to try to conceive again when the big G says it's time and I know the struggle it was the first time around. When I controlled what I was putting in my body by way of my mouth, we got pregnant. That simple. 

My Week 1 Review:

Day 1: I kept it pretty simple! Just easy breakfast, shake for lunch, and pork loin for dinner. I didn't notice any crazy hunger or anything, so it was a good day. 
Day 2: I loved the pork loin recipe so much and then went on to make the cilantro lime steak salad. I still was feeling decent, no headaches or lack of energy. I was loving everything I had cooked from the book so far, so motivation to keep going was at it's peak! 
Day 3: Ummmmm, what day is it? The alarm when off and I was not happy about it. My workout suffered a bit this day, but I still was feeling somewhat "okay" and still loving all of the food I was able to eat and had no real cravings. 
Day 4: OH MY GOD, WHO RAN ME OVER. The detox is happening. I can still have coffee, so I thought that might help my headache.... nope. This is the real deal. I also was pretty emotional today. Like, lots of tears were shed. I spent quite a bit of time on the couch walking Gilmore Girls. Fortunately, I had read the book and new this was par for the course (the headache part, not the Gilmore Girls part) so all is well. 
Day 5: LIFE STILL SUCKS. Seriously, this headache business. I slept almost all day just trying to get through. I also was pretty jumpy and crabby with my husband. I was able to avoid all urges to tackle him when he decided to eat cheese and drink wine, so we're going to call this day an overall win. 
Day 6: Today started out with a major energy rush! I was pumped. And then... around 3pm... CRASH. I couldn't keep my eyes open, so I didn't. I napped hard. And then I napped some more. Day 6, I just napped and napped. 
Day 7: (today) I didn't want to get out of bed, but luckily, I had a workout date with my neighbor at 6:45am, so I pushed through that alarm. As soon as I was up and working out, I was fine! My energy was back and NO HEADACHE! I feel as if a nap may be in my near future (it's 11:30am as I'm writing this) but I feel much better than previous days, so I think we're on the upswing! 

What did I eat this week? I kept breakfast simple with just eggs and veggies and lunch was my Shakeology with almond butter, spinach, and a banana! 

The dinner recipes I tried this week were:

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