Whole30 HALFWAY POINT Review!

We made it to the halfway mark! 

I cannot believe how quickly this 30 days is actually going by and I cannot believe even MORE that I haven't even considered caving ONCE. I have had a few minor cravings, but nothing that I wasn't able to manage with other activities. The recipes I have been experimenting with are honestly so good that I cannot wait to sit down and eat them! My body feels so regulated and scheduled that it is hard to even consider going back to my old ways of eating. 

Here is the WEEK 2 RECAP and my experiences from days 8-14:

Day 8: Headache. My head was literally pounding when I woke up, but once I got myself moving, I was able to fight through it.
Day 9: Increased energy, I was able to wake up to the early alarm and push through my workout (it felt a little off, but it got done) and I started to feel like my mental clarity was really THERE.
Typical Breakfast/Lunch
Day 10: Um, confused... I was feeling really great, like I could tell I was losing weight, and then all of a sudden, my pants felt tight and my fingers felt like sausages. The book says this is normal, so I'll keep on keepin' on...
Day 11: My nieces slept over and we baked chocolate chip cookie brownies and they had Chinese for dinner. I stuck to my shrimp, Brussel sprouts, and cauliflower mash. Nobody lost a limb. I am calling this a HUGE win. I sniffed the brownies a couple times, but none entered my body, which is pretty much an extremely significant feat! Go me!
Day 12: After yesterday's win, I'm pretty sure I could rule the world. All is gravy, baby.
Shrimp, Cauliflower Mash, & Roasted Brussel Sprouts & Onions
Day 13: I had a dream about a buffet of wings with all various sorts of sauces. I told my husband about this and we are on a mission to find an approved with recipe. Stay tuned. (or just peak at my blog because I am writing this post way after the fact and the wing recipe is already posted! ha!)
Day 14: I dreamt my sister worked at an ice cream place and we could get as much of any flavor we wished. I don't even like ice cream, so clearly, my brain is misfiring from the lack of sugar.

I would say that this week, I found myself getting hungrier, but I also felt extremely relaxed and in control of myself and my decisions. not only my food decisions, but my business choices, my reactions to conversations, my to-do list is getting tackled like no other, and my brain just feels more "organized" if that is even possible! Sleep is really going well at this point, also. My skin is also EXTREMELY cleared up and guess what.....

I am no longer producing milk. Unless you are a Mama, you might not understand how big of a win that is for me. Four months post-partum with no baby to feed, but milk still coming was not going well for me. This could quite possibly be the biggest win for me in regards to this whole journey alone!

Here is my week 2 meal plan, as well:

Want to try the Whole 30 for yourself? Order the book here & shoot me an email tmolitierno@gmail.com with any questions you may have!


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