how did you get involved with the programs & shakeology? - I noticed that my friend Taylor was posting a lot of inspirational messages on Facebook and asked her if she was a personal trainer.  Then she told me about beach body programs and shakeology.

what motivated you to make the change? - I knew that I needed to do something to really commit to myself. I motivated myself to do it by making the decision to do what is best for me. I know how to love myself, and not in a vain way but just knowing that I am important and special and I need to take care of myself. I am also a nurturer and care giver by nature, so I want to make sure that I can be the best of those and achieving that means taking care of myself first.

what was it that kept you persisting towards your goal? - I keep saying to myself that I cannot turn back. If I turn back I am saying no to my own personal health and wellness.

is there ever a day where you don’t think you can continue on or feel like it’s not worth it? how do you overcome those feelings of doubt?
 - that's the funny part. I have never felt doubt since I joined beach body. I see the light at the end of the tunnel every day in my own growth and in the growth of others around me so that alone keeps me moving forward and pushes doubt out of my head.

what has been the most rewarding part of all of this? - accountability, support and  friendship amongst all of the people that I am in challenge groups with. We all support each other to amazing degrees! I have been blessed with so many new friends. So many people that I have things in common with. I know that I am developing long-term relationships thanks to this journey

what is the biggest change you have seen within yourself? - my biggest transformation is internal. That's the thing, it's not always an external transformation. The internal transformation is also just as valuable. Greater Confidence and shutting out fears have been my biggest victories!

what advice would you give to someone who is nervous about starting or just getting started? - just try it and see. You never know what you may like in this life unless you try it at least once. No one is saying that everyone has to be a part of beach body. But we all love it so much that We owe it to the people that we know and the people that we are about to meet to tell them about this amazing opportunity to improve their health and wellness. We don't want to keep this treasure a secret

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