Kissing Frogs, Writing Blogs

Do you know what it means to eat a frog? That’s a little saying I’ve learned in the past year- it means to do the one thing that you know you SHOULD do, but you avoid doing for some reason. This blog- it’s my frog. I know I should do it, but I ALWAYS put it off until it’s been WAY TOO LONG… & then I have a million things I SHOULD blog about, but I can’t figure out which topic to cover first… & so then, I don’t write a blog at all! Why do I avoid writing this blog so muhc?! I sat down tonight and truly thought about it. I enjoy writing, a lot. I enjoy sharing stories. I enjoy inspiring… so, why do I constantly “forget” about this little thing? 

Because, I have a hard time believe anybody cares. 

Guess what? I feel this way a bout quite a few aspects of my life. I know it is completely NOT TRUE, but I think it truly is my weakness- feeling small, not worthy, not important enough to make a difference. 

Have you ever felt that way?

I’m sure the answer is yes- it’s human nature! 

So, here three things I do consistently & daily that I’m sure nobody cares about in my mind, but in fact are impacting the lives of others. 

  1. Fundraising. I have become completely obsessed with raising funds for LLS to the point where I know it is annoying the crap out of people, but I can’t stop. Why am I so obsessed with raising money for this cause? Because, it’s how I keep Emily with me, every single day. I don’t care if you ever donate a dollar to my cause, I don’t care if you roll your eyes every time I #fightforjoy or #everysweatmattes - because it’s truly bigger than me at this point. And you know what the coolest part is? Everytime I feel overwhelmed or I start to have thoughts like, “Why am I working so hard for this? Nobody cares. Nobody is listening!” Emily slaps me across the face with some extremely blatant sign that I am doing the right thing. My heart feels full. I shall proceed. 
  2. Sweat daily & post selfies documenting the sweat session. I struggle with this! I often times wonder if people think I’m totally into myself & that I feel the need to post a picture of myself every time I work out as a pat on my own back- but do you know why I truly do this? It’s because, one time, someone reached out and said THANK YOU for motivating me to do something with myself. THANK YOU for the reminder that I, like you, can make a change. Over time, that has compounded and others have reached out saying things like “If you ever hesitate before posting a workout picture, DON’T! You got me started today!” It’s not just for me, at all. It’s for other people with the same internal struggles as me that I know with a little support, they can feel like they can take on the world! (for more information on my next challenge group, fill out this application!
  3. Teach little tiny dancers & feel inspired daily by the wonderment of a kid under the age of 5. To other people, I may look like I’m just teaching some kid their right foot from their left foo (which is no easy task, thank you!) or how to skip- but you know what? They’re actually teaching me how to think simpler- how to create without abandon- how to be more of myself because I can easily let it all go when it comes to dancing- it’s part of my DNA. The pure joy you see on a three-year-olds face when they learn how to chasse, or do a forward roll, or stand in first position without falling over for the first time ever- THAT IS PURE, EMOTIONAL JOY! That’s the joy I’d choose every single day. Truly, it felt good to make this list! To sit down & think about the things that bring me the most JOY, make me feel good, & impact the lives of others. So, I challenge you! 

Can you think of three things that you enjoy doing the most & what they bring to the lives of others? YOU WILL SURPRISE YOURSELF! If you can make a list, I will promise to no longer fear my “blog”- I will cherish it & hopefully, this will create some happiness for you reading it today. It’s just a little blog- but if it can bring a little happy to your heart, I have succeeded. 

For the little things in life… those, my friends, are the big things. 

All my joy,


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