GUTS! do you refresh them?

GUTS! Do you refresh them?

HAHA! I’M SO CLEVER— remember that show GUTS! DO YOU HAVE THEM? Yep, that’s what I based the title of this blog off of. Sometimes, ya know, you just need to crack yourself up in order to proceed on with your day a little bit lighter….

Speaking of lighter! 

How are you feeling today? I’m feeling pretty gross because I’ve been pretty much allowing myself to eat whatever and whenever I want- pizza, wings, chocolate covered pretzels, a whole jar of “healthy trail mix” in one sitting, half a bag of sweet potato chips in 5 minutes… You know! Anything goes! I also have been skipping out on my favorite gut detox- hot water with lemon and honey in the morning and I can tell- and (GASP) I missed two days last week of my shake. You guys, pretty much, the house is burning down over here and I have no way of putting it out- or do I?!




It’s a three day “detoxing” program that pretty much does exactly what it’s title calls for- gives you a little refresh! This is great for anyone just starting a workout program and wants to jump start their progress, someone who has reached a plateau and is looking to get over that hump, or, someone like me, who just needs a good spring cleaning of their gut! 

How does it work?

EASY PEASY, LEMON SQUEEZY! (my students LOVE when I say that, so I thought you might, too! no?) 

You drink a lot of water.
You drink a Shakeology shake.
You drink 2 vanilla refresh shakes.
You drink a fiber sweep.
You eat snacks and meals consisting of fruits and veggies, which all are laid out for you in the REFRESH MEAL PLANNING GUIDE that comes with your kit! *I personally enjoyed the tomato and cucumber salad so much, that I eat it on a regular basis, not just when I’m “refreshing”! 


The last time I personally did this, I lost 3.5 pounds! I wasn’t even looking to lose the weight that time, but just goes to show you what having too much “junk in the gut” can do for you! 

I’ve been doing a lot of research on “gut functionality” lately and have found a LOT about how everything your body does stems from your gut! It truly is important to keep it clear of toxins, freshen it up, and put in your body what you want out of your body! The REFRESH is even safe to do every month for this very reason! 

Here’s another little secret! The 3 DAY REFRESH IS ON SALE for only 10 bucks when you purchase it with a month supply of Shakeology- through TODAY ONLY! 

TRULY, this little box will have you feeling like a shiny new car with new oil in the engine in no time! 

To join my next group and kickstart your journey off with the refresh, fill out this application!

All my joy,


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