As I sit here today, I am a little overwhelmed with the idea of building this business from home. The repercussions for this NOT working are too large & the idea of the inevitable success as long as I continue to put my best effort forth is also terrifying. My dear friend & coach worked through some of these thoughts with me this morning & I was able to take a deep breath & remember….. 

There was a time when I couldn’t even peel myself out of bed. There was a time where the thoughts of misery & sadness were so heavy that it was all I could do to literally open my eyelids & roll over… just to fall asleep again. There was a time where my husband tried so hard to get me to see a little bit of light & I refused. I shut my eyes & I shut them tight. 

Then, in my darkest hour, Dave said to me with his actions…. NO MORE. He was over it. I had only been married for 9 months to this man and I had already drug him through hell. I saw the look of despair on his face as he would constantly have to defend himself in a battle each time he came home. There was always a fight I could pick & I used those fights as a distraction for what I was really dealing with. 

So, one day, I opened my eyes. I rolled over. & I made an investment in myself. I knew spending money was Dave’s “thing” & the fact that I made this investment would mean that he would expect a follow through. If I wasted this, I would just add fuel to the fire that was already burning. 

I put this silly little workout DVD in, I pressed play…. I almost died after 5 minutes. I thought “Dave will never know I’m not actually doing this, it’s fine, we’ll just go back to how things were.” 

so, God stepped in. A couple weeks later, I met my coach at a fundraising event. She said “let me help you with that”.. I joined a challenge group & I started over. 

I pressed play for 5 minutes… but, with this new found SUPPORT, I remembered this about myself; If there is one thing I am, it’s determined & committed. The next day, I promised myself 6 minutes. Then 7… Then 8…. I would do this everyday until I completed that dang program. & everyday, I would drink this silly superfood shake that came with it. 

I have lost a total of 30lbs. 
I have more energy.
I don’t sleep all day. 
I still drink my silly little shakes. (They’re not that silly, guys, for real! but, that’s for another day). 
I exercise… everyday. 

But, what really changed everything…. was that NOW, I can put my hand over my heart & know that it beats for a purpose. I am paying this debt forward by helping as many people find their purpose- find their JOY. 


The year prior to taking my health & fitness leap, my family & I did a little bit of fundraising. One thing Emily always wanted to do was the “Light the Night” walk with LLS. The walk ends with a really awesome fireworks display & we named our team “Emily’s Joy”. We came together and we raised a couple thousand dollars. The walk that year was just a few short months after Em’s passing & the first thing we did as a family FOR her… WITHOUT her. It was hard, but I saw how happy this event made my family & in turn, this walk lit a fire in me to do more things like this, but I didn’t realize the turn of events it would take to actually get that ball rolling. 

Here’s the kicker…. 

The day I met my coach, Katy, was at a fundraiser our husband’s had arranged for a teammate of theirs from college who passed away from lymphoma. Katy was just diagnosed with lymphoma. We had just lost Em 6 months prior. 

Katy wasn’t supposed to be at the fundraiser that day because she had earned a free cruise through her Beachbody Coaching business. (What the heck is that?! I thought when Dave told me she wouldn’t be there that day….)

She didn’t get cleared to go on the cruise, so she came to the fundraiser. 

I remember seeing her with her kids that day & really wanting to talk to her, but I didn’t know what to say. My pap was there & due to a couple strokes, he lost his ability to speak, but he kept pointing at her & pushing me towards her. I always thought he was trying to tell me I needed to have a baby like the one she was holding, (BABY D!) but, today, I think he knew I needed her as a friend. 

Luckily, Katy was more brave. She came up to me and she started talking. There were a couple tears & I just kind of felt like I had this person in my life now that was going to stay for a long time. She helped me find myself within that challenge group…

She also pushed me to be more & do more. 

I found my joy & I dealt with grief by diving into philanthropy. I was awake & I was ready to do something, to make a difference, to live life fuller. 

That year, we worked on raising funds for the “Light he Night” walk together. We became the number 1 friends and family team at the Pittsburgh event. 

The following spring, Katy was nominated for a campaign with LLS called “Woman of the Year”. If we raised over $50,000, they would award you a research grant in memory of someone. I wanted that grant in Emily’s name for my family. 

She said, “we’re going to get the grant”. 
We raised closer to $70,000. 

As we approach it being almost 1 year since we raised that money, I have had to take a step back and say… are my priorities still in line with my goals? 

What is the overall goal?

This team was formed because I was able to inspire just a few people to take this journey with me. As we grew, we needed a name. 
I know we have a greater purpose. I know it’s about more than Shakes & DVD’s. I know those are the tools to help people feel like the best version of themselves- like they, too, can set the world on fire. 

Coaching is my platform to be able to make that happen. For them & for myself. 

I have a lot of dreams- I’ve always been a dreamer. One of those dreams is to be able to start a non-profit where I offer support to families dealing with treatment. Where I can go into hospitals and teach dance to kids who can’t leave, but need the joy of dance & music in their life. 

I know there are other people out there like me… Who have dealt with the cards I have been dealt. Who are looking to find their purpose, to make the most of the time they have here on earth..

…. and to leave a little JOY wherever they go….

If this is you, please, don’t wait. You have no clue… about the possibilities on the other side of all of this. 

Time has an expiration date. 

On Wednesday, February 24th, I will be hosting a sneak peak into coaching & a 9pm Q&A free webinar. For more information, send me an email to tmolitierno@gmail.com or fill out the application below! 

I start a NEW COACH TRAINING the first Monday of every month. 

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