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Alright, I know. I've been posting A LOT of PiYo selfies lately. But here's the deal.... this summer, when I was not dancing as much as I do during the school year, I did my first round of PiYo & YES, I loved it, however, I don't feel that I really was able to feel the benefits of this program until starting it over again this past week  during one of the busiest times of the year for me. Before starting PiYo over, I really developed a love for lifting weights, but his past Monday, I woke up, & literally hobbled around, waiting for my ankles, knees, back-- you name it-- to warm up & stop cracking. I thought to myself.. "You're only going to be 27! What is wrong with you?!" ... & then I decided to throw in some PiYo to get my day going. Here's what happened:

*I immediately felt more energized upon completing the workout
*I felt more stretched than I have in a few months & ready for a night full of teaching.
*The pain I was feeling in my ankles & knees subsided
*I thought to myself "This program is EXACTLY what my body needs

So, I'm sure you're thinking.. that's great, but you're a DANCER, so pilates & yoga is easy for you. WRONG. This program is a struggle for me. I constantly lose my balance and have to start over. I shake throughout the majority of the workouts, but I feel so much stronger & noticed a transformation in my definition already after only going at it again for a week. 

Dave's first crack at PiYo!


PiYo is for the beginner-- there is an awesome modifier showing you how to do the modified movements during the whole program. Dave has never done Yoga or Pilates in his life & he did a workout with me this past Friday. He kept up & was dripping sweat all over his mat & I was so proud of him! We will be adding this program to his routine more often to supplement to his lifting and cardio regiment! 

For the more advanced athlete or fitness enthusiast. This program is awesome for strengthening while stretching & increasing flexibility and range of motion


PiYo is the November special this month! You can get the program & a month supply of Shakeology extremely discounted during this month. Since it's my favorite program (my soul mate program) I will be starting a PiYo challenge group on November 24th! We'll kick of Thanksgiving week with prepping & getting ourselves mentally prepared, & then the following week we will hit the ground running. We'll keep each other motivated & accountable in one of the hardest times of the year to keep up with taking care of yourself! This group will also be my "celebration and countdown to turning 27" group, so I'm super excited for the fun "extras" (like free swag & prizes) I have in mind for my challengers who decide to commit to this group with me!

There ALSO is an option to get PiYo, a month of Shakeology, & the 3-day refresh at an even BIGGER discount! I'm committing to doing the 3 day refresh November 23, 24, and 25th to kick all bad habits to the curb right at the beginning of this challenge group!

What better way to go into Thanksgiving & Christmas than at your healthiest? 

If you're wondering if a challenge group would be a good fit for you, please click on the link below! It will connect you to an application & I will be in touch with you soon!


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