Dancing is my JAM, Beachbody is my JELLY.

Recently, I've been doing a lot of "WHY?" searching. Why me? Why now? Why here? & a lot of things have fallen into place in the past week which have stirred up some "Ah ha!" moments that I'd like to share with everyone. I feel like I'm on fire & here's why:

Last year, like I've mentioned before, my family & I attended the "Light the Night" walk in memory of my cousin, who just a little less than two months prior to that walk, passed away from leukemia. We raised a few thousand dollars pretty last minute & I feel like we all attended that walk with heavy hearts, not knowing what to expect, but realizing rather abruptly, that here we were, doing something for Em & she wasn't physically there with us. I know we all left the walk feeling uplifted, a sense of "joy" remembering her in such a special way & I know we all felt a sense of reassurance that she was there with us & we counted our blessings.

This past July, my Beachbody coach, Katy Ursta & her husband Mike started a push-up challenge to raise money for their own Light the Night team & encouraged Dave & I to do the same. For every dollar donated, we promised to do a push-up, record ourselves doing these push-ups, and post the video on Facebook in order to stir up some donations & get people involved & aware of our cause. I then challenged my family to do the push-ups as well, and what happened absolutely blew my mind. In that one month of July, we raised somewhere around $10,000..... TEN. THOUSAND. DOLLARS. FROM. PUSH-UPS?! Since then, we raised $7,000+ more with other things, like hula hooping, & just straight up begging for money. & this past Friday, we were informed that this year, we were the #1 fundraising team for Light the Night. As a group of just family & friends in memory of Emily... we raised over $17,000 dollars. Since July. In just 3 months. So, of course, all of this has me thinking about where I am now in my life & how if I never joined one of Katy's challenge groups, I never became a Beachbody coach, if we never crossed paths like we did (thanks, Em) would I ever have discovered this passion for fundraising and would have I ever experienced the emotions I did this past Friday when I was receiving all of this mind-blowing news? The answer is no. There is no such thing as a coincidence, I do not believe.

The whole family on vacation together this summer at Ashley's wedding. Remembering Emily & honoring her spirit! 
You know what's even more awesome? Katy Ursta is a SURVIVOR. & my family will get to walk with her this year. That's what this is all about, really. I know I got a little competitive about "winning" this past week, but seeing her in that stinkin' bright yellow shirt on Thursday is going to be the real "WIN" in our hearts.

This past week, I have had multiple people ask me random Beachbody questions. A lot of them sound something like, "but you still love dancing, right?" The answer to that will ALWAYS be YES. Dancing will always be my jam & it's never going anywhere. It's the one constant I've always had in my life. It's the one passion that I shared with Em that bonded us (well, and mascara & shoes & clothes & making purses out of old jeans, too, I guess). But why can't I have another? Especially a passion that has allowed me the freedom to be more charitable, make new friends, find a new sense of self and identity? Why not?

The Leylands: where the women are strong....
I don't think any of this would be possible if I was part of a different Beachbody team, however. The team I'm a part of, The Knockout Brigade, is full of the most charitable, strong, beautiful on the inside people I have ever met. We're all fighters, survivors, teachers, friends. Everyone has their own passions which make them so unique and why this team is so special. For me, my "why" for being a Beachbody coach is simple: I've always felt like I was put on this Earth to make some sort of difference. Beachbody is allowing me to make even more of a difference and with a different platform, another voice I never knew I had... & being part of the Brigade is pushing me to do even more with people who are just as passionate about making a difference as I am.

So, now, I ask you this:

What kind of a difference do you want to make in your life or the lives of others? Is there something you wish you had more freedom to be able to do?

I'm looking for 5 new friends to join me on this journey. I will give you the tools to help make you successful & together we will do great things.

Please click this link to apply to join my team!

All my "joy",


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