Dave's Always Right

Thumbs up to the healthiest meal of the day! 
Yep. You read that title right. My husband is ALWAYS right (except for when he's wrong). But in this case I'm about to talk about, he was right.

Have you ever thought about eating clean, but gave up because it seemed completely overwhelming? I used to be one that thought "clean eating" was just another way to say "starve yourself". A long time ago, my husband, who is a type 1 diabetic, started teaching me about some clean eating principals in order to better educate me on how he could maintain his sugar levels throughout the day. Of course, I didn't want to listen to him or let him think for a second he knew more than me about something......but I lost this one.

Spaghetti Squash FAIL! will someone teach me how to cut one of these things?!
What I've learned for myself, is that eating this way is not only is good for Dave's diabetes, but has helped my own digestion, metabolism, skin, and energy levels.

I feel the best way to understand about how this can help you is to educate yourself on it. To help, some other coaches and myself are going to be holding FREE week long clean eating group starting on Monday, July 7th. Yep, it's FREE. This will be an informative group covering things such as:

  • meal planning
  • picking the right foods
  • portion control 
  • what to eat & when! (the "when" part is what I struggle with the most)
For me, the hardest part about starting this healthy lifestyle journey was getting started, especially because I started at it alone. Since joining groups like this one, it has been a lot more fun and I've had even better results! This is going to be a great group full of motivational and supportive people with a lot of advice and tips to share & I'm super excited to be involved, myself, as I still have a lot to learn, but I"m ready to talk about what has worked for me! Invite your friends-- we're about to have a clean eating party! 

If you'd like to join this group, message me on facebook or email me here ! 


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